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Choosing the Right Martial Arts Equipment

Whether you’re looking to improve your children’s physical fitness or simply want to add a little extra spice to your martial arts class, you’ll need the proper equipment. Although martial arts equipment may reduce the chance of injury, it’s not always safe. Martial arts classes remain a high-risk activity. Despite the many benefits, it is important to take all precautions. Your child will have a safe and enjoyable experience with the right equipment.

Body opponent bag

There are many types and styles of martial arts bags. Each bag is designed to mimic a real opponent and can serve a variety different purposes. Some martial arts use a padded bag with a realistic upper body, while others use a freestanding backpack. The two most common types are the freestanding bag and the wall-mounted bag. Depending on the type of bag you want, the weight limit for the freestanding bag might be different from the wall-mounted.

Rebreakable boards

Rebreakable boards are an excellent way to teach students how to properly break a board. Although it may seem absurd, many schools use them to show power and accuracy in punching and kicking. Some even use them as a test before students move on to higher level classes. Safety and success in martial arts training can be improved by choosing the right rebreakable board. There are many options for rebreakable boards.


Tonfa users should ensure that they have the correct grip when using it. They should be held so that the elbow meets the end and the elbow is perpendicular to your body. To avoid disabling your opponent when using a tonfa, it is important to do so carefully. Before learning to tonfa as a beginner, you should consult a qualified instructor in martial arts.


The Daisho is a set or weapons that are used in traditional Japanese martial art. While the katana is the most popular weapon, many people also use the tanto, wakizashi and tachi. The tanto is a smaller blade that the katana. It was originally used for parrying and cutting. Both weapons have been used in fighting for centuries. Today, daisho are still used in traditional martial arts and are available for collectors.

Shock knives

Shock knives are training tools that produce an electric shock when the blade makes contact with the target. This simulates an attack in real life, adding authenticity to self-defense training. Unlike traditional blades, shock knives deliver localized shocks that cause no serious injury. However, they can cause discomfort. Avoid further injuries by using shock knives only in cases of an actual attack.

Reflex bags

Reflex bags for martial arts equipment are great for home workouts. Unlike punching bags, reflex bags don’t require any set up, and the base is relatively light. Reflex bags are smaller than punching bags and can be stored away quickly. Reflex bags are available with adjustable speeds for added convenience. These are the top three best reflex bags. Below are the pros, and cons of each. Which one should you choose?


You should invest in a high-quality martial arts belt if you are taking martial arts lessons. There are many styles of belts available. You can choose from traditional drawstrings or elastic. You can also find solid-coloured belts in a variety colors. Made4Fighters has a belt to fit every style of martial art, and you can order your belt in any color you like.


A bag for your martial arts equipment can help you organize your gym and keep your items organized while training. These bags can be used in many different ways. Some bags can hold all of your gear, while others can only hold a few essentials like a small mat. You might choose a bag with an engraved Chinese design if you are looking for something distinctive and trendy. A martial arts gym bag can be the perfect addition to your bag collection.


Mouthguards are necessary for martial arts as they protect the mouth and teeth. A direct blow on the face causes a shockwave to the brain. Mouthguards spread impact force over a larger surface to reduce damage. In addition, MMA mouthguards reduce the impact to soft tissue in the face, such as the lips. They are an essential piece of equipment for martial arts.

Kicking shields

Kicking shields are hand-held pads made from leather or foam. They absorb shock and provide protection while sparring. A training partner holds the shield while the opponent delivers the kicks. The shields are practical and affordable. Prices range from $30-$100. There are many styles and designs that will suit your training needs. Here are some things you should consider before purchasing one.