Electrify your future – with elect!

The future belongs to electromobility. There is no doubt about that. But even experts cannot agree when the time will come. We want to accelerate this change so we formed elect! – the electromobility alliance. Read here what we stand for.

elect! is an alliance consisting of strong partners from science and industry. Together we want to establish electromobility as a technology and make it accessible to the masses. For we have decided not to look on any longer. We want to act, demonstrate sustainability and firmly root the concept of electromobility in public opinion.

Our vision

Fossil fuels have passed their zenith. We are convinced that the future belongs to electromobility – because it is the more climate-friendly and more sustainable alternative. We believe that electromobility will fundamentally change our method of locomotion. However, to do so it must become accessible to the masses.

Only by combining our strengths can we succeed in achieving wide acceptance of electromobility and make it into a sustainable driving force for the economy.

elect! – electrify your future