ICT for Electromobility

With the technology programme „ICT for electric mobility III: integration of commercial electric vehicles into logistics, energy and mobility infrastructures“ the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) supports research projects that focus on the use of electric mobility in commercial contexts. From 2016 to 2019, at least 14 consortia are developing exemplary system solutions for the commercial sector while integrating technologies, services and business models.

As a primary objective the funding programme identifies commercially viable applications of electric mobility for commercial vehicles and helps them achieve breakthroughs. It is however not the development of electric vehicles and drivetrains that is at the centre of attention but rather their integration into ICT-based holistic logistics, energy management and mobility approaches.

  • Logistics: Electric trucks and cars used commercially
  • Energy: Integration of commercial electric mobility into energy distribution networks and smart grids
  • Mobility: Intelligent integration into holistic mobility, platform and logistics approaches in combination with novel vehicle technology

In order to adequately cover the entire electric mobility system, the funding programme “ICT for electric mobility III” does not consider these three focus areas in isolation. Instead, following a systemic approach, these focus areas are addressed in a cross-cutting manner. This approach is already evident even within many individual projects themselves. Moreover, the supporting research activity of the funding programme ensures a synoptic view and analysis of the focus areas.



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